Artist Statement

Cindy Stelmackowich works in sculpture, installation and digital photography, primarily investigating the relationship between art, science and our bodies. Over the past decade she has incorporated into her art practice historical anatomical images, medical books and laboratory equipment, as well as materials linked to the body, such as hair. In sculptural work, old medical textbooks have been reworked and integrated into vintage medical equipment and placed in laboratory-themed installations. Her ambition is to create new conversations in the boundaries between art and science that asks new questions about the body and its materiality, including its cultural histories and aesthetic presentations.

Cindy has exhibited her artwork in solo and group exhibition across many cities in Canada, the United States (Los Angeles and New York) and in Europe. She has received numerous grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa. Her artworks are in the collection of the Canada Council Art Bank, the Ottawa Art Gallery, York University, as well as corporate and private collections. They have been featured and reviewed in numerous national and international magazines, academic journals and scientific publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Canadian Art, Journal of the Canadian Medical Association, ISSUES in Science and Technology, Ciel Variable, Ottawa Magazine, Academic Medicine, Carleton University Magazine, and Interalia Magazine (UK).

Cindy currently lives and works in Ottawa, Canada. Her studio is in a former bakery that is now home to the Enriched Bread Artists.