Curatorial Statement

Cindy Stelmackowich has developed and contributed to innovative national museum and exhibition projects as a museum professional, academic and artist. Seeing museums and cultural institutions as social learning spaces, she is able to integrate practice and theory in meticulous and rigorous ways. Her fields of interest span visual culture, history of science, art history, biomedicine, design, gender studies and more.

Interested in display, artifact studies and design, her curatorial projects often dovetail with finding new ways of bringing collections-based research and interpretation to bear at art and science institutions and museums. In most instances, she has set out to find new forms of collaboration and dialogue between experts in curation, education and collections management. Stelmackowich has also fostered new relations between artists and academics in both the humanities and the sciences.

Cindy has worked as a exhibition consultant, researcher, and curator for new permanent and temporary exhibits at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, the Canadian Museum of Nature, Carleton University Art Gallery, Dalhousie University Art Gallery, Gallery 101, Enriched Bread Artists, Museum of Health Care at Kingston, Health Canada, and the Canadian Consulate (New York City).